Zoanthid Frags for Sale

Zoanthids are Koral Kingdom’s signature coral. Our tanks are loaded with a variety of vibrant colors and species offering one of the best zoanthids selections around. We care for our zoas in many different ways but you can find a chart on our Process page if you’re interested in seeing how we care for ours. Zoanthids have always grown well at our facility which gave us the ability to master some of the best practices. Our zoanthid list is long, but some of our favorites include Azkraks, Speckled Kraks, Red Hornets, Fruit Loops, Rastas, Muals, Red Space, Space Chaos, Utter Chaos, Blue Hornets, Purple Hornet, Yellow Brick Roads, Rainbow Trolls, Pink Diamonds, Green Dragon Eyes, Black Hornets, White Zombies, and the list goes on! Zoas are good at any leave, but keep an eye out on our scoring care found in the information of each coral. Some of these zoanthids are harder than others, but we can get anything settled into our tanks!

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