Season Greetings Monti

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    Season Greetings Monti


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    Season Greetings Monti

    These encrusting corals are some of the most popular SPS corals on the market. Considered the easiest of the many small polyp stony corals they come in many different colors and grow at a fast rate. Most montipora create shelves so it’s important to remember when placing them that they will eventually expand outwards from the rock. This is a great choice for any beginner venturing into SPS corals. 

    Overall Care Level: 1

    Water/Flow Level: 2 

    Lighting needs Level: 3 

    Our leveling above can be found at our Process. This is where you can find a general guide to what the Koral Kingdom does for the care of their corals.

    Special Care: N/A

    Colors: Green and Red Monti Montipora