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    Mystic Forrest Chalice

    Chalice corals are some of the best kept corals in our aquariums. They Come in many different shapes and color combinations which give them a very appleaing apprence in our aquarium. These corals slowly encrust over rock and substrate to make amazing structors. Their colors can change depending on their diet as well. Here at Koral Kingdom we give our aquariums daily amounts of Amino acids which seem to boost our success with these corals.

    Overall Care Level: 2

    Water/Flow Level: 2

    Lighting needs Level: 2

    Our leveling above can be found at our Process.  This is where you can find a general guide to what the Koral Kingdom does for the care of their corals.

    Special Care: Take care for proper space. Chalices can have sweeper tenticles that can sing other corals