Blood Red Carpet Anemone

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    Blood Red Carpet Anemone


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    Blood Red Mini Carpet anemone

    Overall Care Level: 2 (1 when foot has been placed)

    Water/Flow Level: 1

    Lighting needs Level: 1

    Mini Blood carrpet Anemones are some of the most intresting addtions to your aquarium.   They are rarely aggressive and can be kept in a mixed reef tank.  These carpets only get the size of around a maxium of 4 inches.  We have had a lot of success feeding them fish pellets and meaty foods.  We are currently keeping these near the bottom of our tanks.  

    Our leveling above can be found at our Process.  This is where you can find a general guide to what the Koral Kingdom does for the care of their corals.

    Special Care: These anemone can move around the aquarium. It would be adivsed to keep and eye on them unti they place their foot. Be extra aware of them getting sucked into a power head.